Wings Early Learning


The Wings Experience

Your Little One, Under Our Wing

Wings is committed to the holistic development of every child. We understand that each child is a unique individual. Recognising their strengths, interests, and needs, we encourage children to lead their own learning journey, with the support of our Educators.


Where Imaginations Take Flight

Each child is an architect of their own educational journey, requiring the time to explore, grow, and flourish at a pace that suits their individuality.

From the outset, we promote autonomy, nurturing their inherent curiosity. This approach ensures that every learning experience is not only enriching but also meaningful, laying strong foundations for a lifetime of learning.


Celebrating the Unique World of Every Child

In our care, each child enjoys a secure and inclusive environment fostering a sense of belonging and respect for all. We celebrate and honour their unique worlds.

Through attentive listening and a genuine understanding of their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, we nurture meaningful connections and foster the development of respectful relationships.

Nature Play

Ignite Exploration & Discovery

Nature is a powerful teacher in the educational journey, connecting children with natural spaces, enriching the holistic development of both their minds and bodies. Our engaging outdoor environments promote exploration, imagination, and resilience.

By embracing nature play, children are encouraged to harness all their senses as they freely connect with the natural world and explore new experiences in their own unique way.


Nourishing Growing Minds

We recognise the pivotal role we play in guiding children towards forming healthy, lifelong relationships with food and nutritious eating.

That’s why our in-house chef prepares fresh wholesome meals daily, filled with essential nutrients children need to fuel their growth and support their development.


Good for the Earth, Great for Future Generations

We believe that every action we take towards sustainability is a step towards a brighter future for our children, the planet, and generations to come.

By integrating concepts and practices of sustainability through educational experiences, children are able to construct knowledge and feel empowered in their contributions to environmental sustainability.

Wings Partnerships

Building Strong Foundations

We are committed to collective growth, building lifelong partnerships with families, local businesses, community groups, and educational facilities to enhance our quality of care, enrich our curriculum, and instil community values.